Maximize your home’s value

No up-front renovation costs, pay for repairs at closing.
Prepare now. Pay later. Profit more.
HomePrep's mission is to provide homeowners and realtors with the information and resources required to maximize a home's market value. Our reliable pre-sale renovation process is stress-free for homeowners and a value-add service realtors can trust. At HomePrep, we believe every seller should have the ability to maximize their home’s value no matter their circumstances.

Eliminate up-front costs

No up-front costs. No payment required until closing.

Save time

Streamlined and hassle-free renovation process. Don’t waste your time managing contractors.

Maximize your home’s value

Sell faster and for more money.

Our Process

phone Step 1
Phone Consultation

timer 30 Minutes

Contact us at (703) 349-4624 or click here to complete an estimation form. From there, one of our property specialists will schedule a follow up call to discuss:

• Overall property condition

• Repairs in consideration

• Estimated after-repair value of the property

• Any current mortgages or other liens against the property

Following this conversation, we will schedule an in-person property evaluation at a time convenient for you.
search Step 2
Property Inspection

timer 1-2 Hours

We’ll conduct a thorough on-site property inspection using our custom renovation software. We’ll discuss the property’s current conditions, suggested upgrades, and which renovations will deliver the highest value.

How we’re different: We come to you! While other companies give inaccurate digital or over-the- phone estimates, HomePrep is able to survey and inspect each property in person.
assignment Step 3
Proposal & Contract

timer Delivered within 48 Hours

Within 48 hours of the property evaluation, we’ll deliver a custom proposal detailing our recommended scope of work and the total cost for the renovations. The proposal will include a Contracting Proposal, a Property Improvement Agreement, and a Deed of Trust that will be recorded on the property’s title.
build Step 4

timer Completed in 4-8 Weeks

We’ll take it from here! Our project manager will oversee all aspects of the renovation from start to finish. We will have the property market-ready as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of work. Our project manager will keep you updated with weekly progress reports.
local_offer Step 4
On the Market

timer 30-45 Days

Once our work is complete, the property will be on the market within 7 days. On average, our houses go under contract within one week of listing. In rare instances where this is not the case, as per our contract, the listing price will be reduced by 2% per month until a contract is received. Once the home sells, we will coordinate with the title company for reimbursement from sale proceeds.

How we compare

Traditional Remodel
  • Be left guessing which updates will increase your home's value.
  • Pay for repairs up-front and out of your pocket.
  • Be responsible for contractor management and material selection.
  • Hope everything is done on-time while managing a difficult and stressful process.

Renovate with HomePrep
  • No up-front costs. No payment required until closing.
  • Our thorough inspection process will identify the updates needed to maximize the home’s value.
  • Sell faster and for more money
  • Streamlined and hassle-free renovation process. Don’t waste your time managing contractors.

Sell As-Is
  • Attract investors who offer only 60-75% of property’s value.
  • Miss out on all ‘move-in ready’ buyers.
  • Spend time responding to ‘low ball’ offers.
  • Longer time on-market leads to price reductions.
INVESTOR CASH SALE Investors offer 60% - 70% of property’s actual value. None. Most investors promise to close between 7-10 days, many don’t deliver on that promise. Hassle free if you find a trustworthy investor.
AS-IS SALE More days on market, means lower sale price. None. Homes in need of repairs stay on the market for 60+ days. Stressful waiting period and negotiating low offers.
TRADITONAL REMODEL Expensive, unnecessary renovations mean lower return on your investment. Contractors require a deposit at the project’s start and full payment when renovations are complete. 8-16 weeks or more for renovations. 1-2 weeks to sell. Time-consuming, stressful process managing the renovation.
HomePrep We’ll complete the right repairs to achieve the highest possible sale price. We perform all repairs and only get paid once the property has sold. 4-8 weeks for hassle-free renovations. 1-2 weeks to sell. Turn-key solution. Let us do the work for you.

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