Dave and Cathy B

Homeowner, Manassas, VA
Our experience with HomePrep was excellent and easy. Josh was upfront and honest at every step. I was overseas the whole time and they were able to handle everything 100%. We would most definitely recommend HomePrep to others.

Amy L.

Homeowner, Falls Church, VA
I inherited a property that was in pretty bad condition. While going over my options with my realtor, she brought up HomePrep. My realtor reached out to HomePrep and they sent an inspector to the house to check it out and sent back a nice report of what should be done before going on the market. We decided HomePrep was the best option for the house, and I am very glad we did! HomePrep communicated with my realtor and I literally had to do nothing. When the house went on the market it got a contract in 4 days with multiple offers, and closed 20 days later. Our realtor showed us the numbers and because of HomePrep, I received considerably more for the house than if I were to have sold it as-is.

Carlos L.

Homeowner, Woodbridge, VA
I looked into ALOT of different options for getting the most out of our house. HomePrep had the easiest process for handling the renovations. I spoke with them over the phone, gave them some info about the house, gave them my realtor's contact info and that was pretty much it. They even financed my renovations so I didn't have to come out of pocket. Great company!

Tonya and Jon D.

Homeowner, Capitol Heights, MD
This company was a godsend! Our house was in pretty bad condiditons and was sitting on the market for a while. Nobody wanted to buy in the condition it was in. My realtor suggested HomePrep and we're so happy we he did, after the renovation we were finally able to sell the house!

Karen Leonard

I had the pleasure a few years ago to preview the beautiful work of Josh Synder and HomePrep. The quality is outstanding and prices for such good work work are very reasonable. And he always stands behind his work. I highly recommend him and his company.